How to Sell Your House Within 2 Weeks

There are always those who sell their houses and there are always those who buy them. If you decided to sell your house, don’t overthink because you’re not the first person to do it. There are, of course, houses better than yours and houses worse than yours so in case you want to sell it, all you need to do is not to worry and think about whom to approach. Your decision should depend on your house condition, preferred rate and of course time limit.

  • If you are running out of time and need to sell your house as it is, there are services called “sell your house fast“. These services are usually provided by people who are not agents but are buyers who don’t care about your house’s condition. These services are being commonly used more and more because these people say “We buy houses” and they really mean it no matter what your house looks like. They don’t care where your house is, how old it is, how much it costs and how it looks. If you approach these people, you can sell your house in less than a week and most probably with your proffered price.
    The service provider you choose will visit your house, explore it, hear your opinion and requirements and offer you a fair cash rate which will be comfortable for both of the sides.
  • In case you want to approach the real estate agent, make sure you choose the best one so your house will get sold quickly. All of us know that approaching the agents or agencies take a lot of time, but if you find the right person, you can sell your house in less than 2 weeks. Otherwise, your house will get lost among millions of other houses in the big market so you can hardly ever sell it.
    While choosing a real estate agent make sure he is local and has experience – these are the first musts!
    Their personality is also important – meet them, make sure you can trust him, ask as many questions as you want because that’s what you need to do. Ask him about his experience, about the tools he uses to sell your property, ask about his listing agreement, marketing tools and what’s the most important – how much will the agent require to sell your house. Make sure you’re not the next house owner, but a really important one.

There are some points you need to remember while selling your house and the most important one is that you simply have to keep your house clean as buyers hate dirty houses. Keep it clean both from inside and outside. The first positive impression is very important and essential if you want to sell your house very fast.

While keeping your house clean and fresh you automatically make it spacious and bright. Get rid of your personal things as they make your house look smaller and overloaded, which nobody likes. Additionally think about fixing all the broken things in the house, cleaning the outdoors, getting rid of the additional stuff inside the rooms and not only. Take care of the backyard as well, plant some flowers and mow the lawn.

Some people even re-paint their doors or windows frames so that the house will look fresh.
Make the best out of your property, make it look like something you’d like to buy.

The services are different and so their requirements are but one thing is obvious, everything is possible: flying to other galaxies, living forever and selling your house in less than two weeks. Seriously!

David Markette

David is a San Antonio based real estate investor. He loves helping people find their best option for selling their homes and loves writing about it.

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