Inherited House?  Sell Your Inherited House For Cash!

Native Realty buys houses regardless of the condition. When the buyer accepts the cash offer from one of our cash home buyers, it is only a matter of days until the house closes. The seller walks away from the closing with cash in hand. At Native Realty, we work with multiple investors in every location throughout Oklahoma. We only partner up with highly reputable and legitimate investors. So when you request a fair cash offer on your home through Native Realty, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Benefits of Selling an Inherited House to an Investor

Sell My Inherited House Fast Oklahoma City Native RealtyWhen Native Realty makes an offer on your inherited house, we include into it the inherited house’s liabilities—past and present. We factor in any debts, liens to be paid and any repairs to be made into their offer. You sell the house AS IS—in its current condition.

Repairs take time and cost money. Because when we buy your house AS IS, you don’t have to make expensive repairs or upgrade your property.

We don’t use inspectors so you won’t be waiting on an inspection report. Typically, the cash offer can be given to you the next day or even on the spot, during our visit to see your house. The time from the cash offer to closing is just a few days. At closing you receive your money in full amount.

The traditional real estate transaction involves many people that complicate and delay the closing: the seller, the seller’s agent, the buyer, the buyer’s agent, inspectors, mortgage lenders, and repair contractors. When a Native Realty buys your inherited house, you work primarily with us. Consequently, the paperwork is minimal during the whole process.

Drawbacks of Selling to an Investor

The Native Realty assumes all liability for your house. We have to factor all of our costs into the cash offer we give you. But in exchange for a lower selling price, you have no responsibility for the condition of the home, unless you disclose known problems with the property according to the laws of your state.


Native Realty buys property with cash. We buy property AS IS. This will greatly speed up the process for all parties concerned.Native Realty can buy the inherited house and get the cash to you quickly. Inherited homes typically need significant repair and updating. With Native Realty, you make no repairs or updates. We buy the house AS IS. You get your money faster for your inherited house.